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Peru EcoAdventure & Cultural Trips offers exceptional tours in the true spirit of environmental, ecological and social responsibility.
Our services provide clients with unique and unforgettable experiences that combine nature, culture, ecoadventure, emphasizing the history and culture of Peru. Knowledgeable, local guides and top quality equipment enhance the experience and allow all guests to fully participate comfortably. (Our state of art equipment and gear includes makes such as Eureka and Hyside, NRS, Prolite, Prowell, TREK, SCOTT, DURO, Shimano, Pelican, KORE G:T, Maxix.) Our team of dedicated staff works together, sharing their own backgrounds and passions, to ensure that you, the client, receive the best possible service during this life-changing adventure.
With fifteen years of experience in the tourist industry, Peru EcoAdventures & Cultural Trips recognizes the importance of maintaining, protecting and preserving both the natural environment and the traditional culture of the local people. Fully committed to mutual cooperation and cultural sustainability, we employ and support local communities, local guides, cooks, porters, horse-handlers and drivers. In so doing, we have launched several pilot projects to help improve social development and the preservation of rivers, mountains and forests. Our fundamental goal is to devise and carry out tourist activities without any impact on nature or local culture. We fully respect the environments that we visit by handling all our materials and equipment responsibly, leaving nothing behind. Respect, responsibility and sustainability define the vision of our company.
We invite you to explore the profound richness of the Peruvian culture with us, here in the heartland of Cusco and beyond. Whether you prefer easy or demanding, we have the eco-adventure you have always dreamed of.
Contact us to plan your visit to Peru. With Peru EcoAdventure & Cultural Trips, you will soon be one with the vital energy of our sacred lands.


Álvaro Sabogal Meléndez – Tour Guide- Director


Peru EcoAdventures and Cultural Trips.e.i.r.l.

Choquekirao to Machupicchu Trek

inca trail cusco peru

Urubamba Rafting - River Rafting - Cusco Rafting

urubamba river rafting

Choquekirao - Trek - Trekking - Alternative Inka Trail

inca trail cusco peru
inca trail to machu picchu, cusco peru

Perú Ecoadventures and Cultural Trips Team

BIO: My name is Alvaro Sabogal Melendez. I was born in Perú. Together with local communities and resources, I develop perfect itineraries for visitors to my homeland.

For 16 years, my work in the tourism industry has led me on numerous, varied trips that focused on adventure, nature, culture and traditions. These have taken me throughout Peru, Costa Rica and California. I am an officially certified tour guide, with degrees both in Tourism and Tourism Administration. I have studied Inca History extensively. I have attended several courses that have exposed me to in-depth studies of nature, botany and ornithology, and advanced training for water and mountain rescue skills. I am presently completing a degree in Sustainable Tourism and Ecology. With every itinerary, I implement practice methods and techniques of sustainable tourism as we interact with local people and spend time in their communities.

The staff of Peru EcoAdventures and Cultural Trips is trained in all the areas and fields of our ecological and sustainable adventure itineraries. In addition to vast personal experience, many have also studied different aspects of Peru’s environment, culture, history, nature and adventure tourism. We work respectfully among local communities and local people.

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Our local Guides come with great experience, knowledge and expertise. Cooks, Porters, Horse/Mule Handlers, Drivers, Boat Captains come to Peru EcoAdventures and Cultural Trips from Cusco and elsewhere in Perú. Our guides are trained in emergency  rescue and personal safety. Peru EcoAdventures and Cultural Trips supports local businesses, markets, service providers, and other local individuals who work indirectly with the tourist industry.

OUR BOAT CAPTAINS on the jungle expeditions grew up near the river and have many years of experience on Peru’s magnificent rivers.

OUR DRIVERS carry guests with confidence because they have many years of experience navigating the challenging and amazing network of roadways, in all seasons and all conditions.

OUR PORTERS come from several different communities, often from Willoq, Patacancha,Lares. Most of our porters started out as farmers and they have a deep knowledge of and respect for the area. Guests enjoy getting to know the porters during the expeditions and even learning a bit of the Quechua language from porters. Juan,Quispe,Faustino,Lorenzo,Huaman,Willka,Julio,Sinforoso,Anastacio and the rest of this great team.

OUR COOKS AND ASSISTANT COOKS,specialize in local preparations of tasty and nutritious meals,as well traditional peruvian food and a special diet according with the trips, all along the way.

OUR HORSE, MULE, AND LLAMA HANDLERS/WRANGLERS are very experienced with all the animals and they have many years of ecoadventure experience.



staff peru ecoadventures cultural trips
staff peru ecoadventures cultural trips

Guide and Porters Team

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Camping Gear

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  •   Urb Kari grande G-18, San Sebastian, Cusco

  •   Los Sauces A-5-Marcavalle-Wanchaq, Cusco, Perú

  •    Mail: info@cuscomachupicchu.com

  •    Phone: (+51) 84-653322

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